What We Do

About Us

The New Orleans Youth Alliance (NOYA) is the youth development intermediary for the Greater New Orleans area. NOYA works to cultivate a system of high-quality, well-resourced youth development organizations that center youth leadership and racial equity in their work with young people. NOYA achieves its mission through three key areas of service: program quality and professional development, policy and advocacy, and organizational effectiveness.


Youth and adults work together to ensure that all young people – especially those who are marginalized – are safe, secure and thriving.


Grounded in racial equity and youth leadership, New Orleans Youth Alliance fosters youth-centered policies and cultivates a system of high-quality, well-resourced youth development organizations.


We are rooted in our values, driven by the lived experiences of young people and their parents and guided by the following principles:

  • Youth Leadership – Youth voice guides the work of the organization and leads to better outcomes for young people. We will be responsive to the immediate and long-term needs of young people and we will encourage youth-serving organizations to prioritize youth voice in the design and decision making phases of their work.

  • Equity and Solidarity– We will authentically engage and honor the power of youth, families, and community-members by centering their voices and building trusting partnerships.

  • Critical Social Analysis – We will be explicit in naming the root causes of inequity and address the ways in which systems and power structures contribute to the disparities experienced by young people of color.

  • Wellness – Youth should have what they need to be, grow and develop holistically in mind, body and spirit.